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Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith holds master degree in business administration and has significant experience in finance industry. After completing her study, she joined FinanceMain team as a news reporter covering stories regarding business and finance.

Colleen Beggs

Colleen Beggs is a graduate with experience in news writing in finance and business industry. She has recently joined FinanceMain team. Before joining, she has worked as an news reporter for close to 2 years.

Donald Brown

Donald Brown is FinanceMain's senior editor and curates stories on finance, business and economy. He has over 10 years experience as a journalist in some foremost digital publications.

Mario Willcox

Mario Willcox writes on news focusing on finance, business and economy. He has been covering financial news articles more than five years. At FinanceMain, he is a news writer covering news on financing, banking and much more.

Roy Hicks

Roy Hicks serves as a news editor at FinanceMain. Before joining our team he worked as a freelance news writer covering anything. He holds MBA, So, basiclly he wants to follow his stream in writing and now he contributes in-depth news articles. He is an aviation enthusiast.

Michael Rhoades

As a senior reporter, Michael Rhoades covers all recent happenings of finance industry and provides them to FinanceMain's readers. Before joining our team, he worked as a news writer for almost 10 years. He is an active forex trader.