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Cryptocurrency Trading: Tips and Common Mistakes a Trader Must Avoid

by Jennifer Smith
Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin, in particular, are highly volatile digital assets. And, this makes them ideal assets for speculative investments and hedging. While it is true that many traders have made immense profits trading cryptocurrencies, others have also lost their money. Thus, it is crucial for any cryptocurrency trader, especially a beginner, to understand the common mistakes made while trading cryptocurrencies.

What is Crypto Trading?

Simply put, crypto trading or cryptocurrency trading is the buying and selling of crypto for profits. It involves speculating on the price movements of the cryptocurrency. CFD trading on cryptocurrencies enables traders to speculate on the crypto’s price movement without owning the cryptocurrency tokens in question. In a nutshell, trading cryptocurrency is buying a cryptocurrency when the price is low and selling it later at a higher price for profits.

How does Crypto Trading Work?

One can buy and sell cryptocurrencies via an exchange or speculate on the price movements via CFD trading. The former involves:

  • Purchasing the cryptocurrency tokens via an exchange
  • Opening a position
  • Storing these tokens in your wallet until the time is right to sell them or close the position

Another option involves trading cryptos using a CFD trading account where you speculate on the token’s value. That is, assuming if the value of the chosen crypto will rise in value or fall. Unlike traditional trading, a trader can open a position for a small fraction of the trade’s total value while trading crypto CFDs.

Crypto Trading Tips to Know

Cryptocurrency traders, especially beginners, must implement these crypto trading tips to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Be Prepared to Invest Only the Amount You Are Willing to Lose

The cryptocurrency market is the most volatile, and cryptocurrency itself is a high leverage asset, which means that traders can make huge profits or face huge losses. Understanding this is very crucial for every trader, whether new or experienced. Volatility means uncertainty where the market may shift without prior notice. Thus, a trader must only invest what they are prepared to lose.

Practice Paper Trading Before Investing Real Money

It is recommended to trade cryptocurrency with demo accounts rather than real money. This way, a new trader can try new strategies to understand what works and what does not.

How to Avoid Cryptocurrency Trading Mistakes?

Following the above-mentioned crypto trading tips will undoubtedly help, but at the same time, traders must avoid these common trading mistakes or read more about avoiding most common mistakes.

Ignoring the Importance of Risk Management

Risk management or stop losses is the key to making profits while trading cryptocurrencies. Not implementing a stop-loss plan is a costly mistake that most traders make, incredibly confident about a trade. Most of the exchanges feature a stop-loss option, and implementing it will certainly help when the anticipated trade results in a loss.

Not Implementing Proven and Time-Tested Trading Strategies

While implementing new strategies may work, it is safer to start with proven or time-tested cryptocurrency trading strategies. Copy-trading that involves following the trading pros is one method. Traders can also follow news and pay attention to the rumors to develop trading strategies that deliver. However, at the same time, it is imperative to verify the information before making important trading decisions.

Failing to Realize the Importance of a Diversified Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Most often, traders and investors opt for cryptocurrencies to diversify their financial portfolios; in doing so, while trading cryptocurrencies is a sure-fire way of minimizing losses and maximizing profits. This method certainly works because their volatility drives cryptos. Thus, when one fails, the other may reap profits.


Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile digital asset that earns excellent profits, but at the same time, may lead to huge losses. However, by implementing some of the above-listed trading tips and avoiding common mistakes, traders can minimize losses.

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