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Things You Should Know Before Entering a Crypto Casino

by Mario Willcox
Things You Should Know Before Entering a Crypto Casino

An Introduction to Crypto Casino

The introduction of cryptocurrencies and their popularity in carrying out various activities has seen the rise of a parallel economy to the one that is based on traditional fiat currencies. Crypto, especially the leader Bitcoin has also entered the online gambling and gaming sector, and these establishments are called crypto casinos. Several casinos transact only in Bitcoins, while others offer crypto as an additional currency apart from the regular currencies like the US dollar.

Crypto casinos are proliferating worldwide, and as is the norm, they are subject to local statutory regulations. These casinos offer customers a wide range of games to bet with Bitcoins, including the usual casino games, sports-based betting, spread betting, and online lotteries.

How to Pick the Best Crypto Casinos

With more and more casinos accepting transactions in Bitcoins, there are a few aspects you should focus on before picking the best crypto casinos. The biggest advantage of a crypto casino is that deposits are not traceable, so nobody is wiser about your gambling activities.

Check the following first before entering a site:

  • Deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoins: Almost all crypto casinos accept Bitcoin as a currency for deposits. However, not all allow withdrawals in Bitcoins. Verify if crypto is accepted in both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Amounts shown in Bitcoins: When you play at a crypto casino, you would want all prize and bonus offers to be shown in Bitcoins too. It is tedious if you have to convert fiat currencies info to Bitcoins continually.
  • Reputation and the trust factor: Visit different crypto casino sites and read the reviews to understand other players’ experiences.
  • Know the offers: Read about the bonus offered on your first deposit and free spins or free money when you open an account, as well as the maximum bet with bonus money – all critical points to evaluate the bitcoin casino.
  • Customer service: Test the support structure, including the availability of live chat and other problem-solving factors.

Learning about these points in advance will protect you from going through a bad experience at any crypto casinos and help you to choose the best ones.  

Types of Cryptocurrency Casinos

Primarily, the only difference between cryptocurrency casinos and the traditional ones is that in the first instance, deposits and withdrawals can be made in Bitcoins. However, there are a few crypto casinos that do not have crypto withdrawals so verify this aspect. Another facet is anonymity as all Bitcoin transactions are not traceable, thereby keeping your gambling activities outside the public domain.

One type of cryptocurrency site offers zero transaction fees with no limit on the number of free daily transactions, whereas there are pre-set limits in currency-based casinos. Also, the digital online type of these gambling sites enables players to be active round the clock across the globe.

Since online games are mostly outside the regulatory authorities’ statutory control, some crypto casinos often customize the games offered and tweak the rules. This is not allowed in general casinos and is a reason why crypto casinos are now so popular.

Crypto Casino Games

The strength of the best cryptocurrency casinos over the traditional ones are many. You can deposit any crypto and automatically convert them to the coins that are offered on the site. The winnings are credited to the wallet on your terms. There is a wide range of crypto casino games available to the players, including Dice, Roulette, Blackjack, Minesweeper, Video Poker, Plinko, Slot, Lottery, Crash, Baccarat, Limbo, Classic Dice, and many more. Most of these games have a low house edge starting at 1%.

Do All Games Support Bitcoin and Crypto?

To answer this question, it is necessary to differentiate between the functioning of a usual online casino and a Blockchain-based crypto casino.

Since all casinos should pay back a certain percentage of revenue, the automated gaming machine is programmed to give away at least 80% in the form of prizes. Many casinos go beyond this and indulge in shady transactions in the games and hence do not support crypto in all games. This is because all transactions in crypto can be checked on-chain.

However, Bitcoin and crypto are supported by all games at crypto casinos as they have a strict programmed payout rate, and all wins and losses in all games can be checked on-chain. All games at crypto casinos are safe and transparent as you can verify all transactions and the whole source code of the casino.  

Crypto Casino – Why is it Popular?

Even though the general online casinos offer almost the same experience as Blockchain-based ones, crypto casinos with a completely different core are becoming popular for several reasons. Some of these include:

  • Players can take part in the games directly without the intervention of any intermediate parties.
  • All data related to the games can be checked and verified for any discrepancies.
  • In the form of crypto, funds are stored in wallets and smart contracts and can be withdrawn instantly and automatically.
  • The odds of winning at a game depend on a number generated randomly between the smart contract and the user. This can be verified after playing.  

Taking these factors into account, it is natural that players are opting for crypto casinos, thereby making them hugely popular.  

Future of Crypto Casino

The future is undoubtedly bright for online crypto casinos. The transparency in the games, instant deposits and payouts, and stringent security and safety measures have contributed to their popularity growing exponentially. Most importantly, the identity of online players is not revealed. Finally, all transactions and the whole source code of the casino can be verified on-chain.


Crypto casinos are the future of the online gaming industry. Transactions and funding do not leave behind an online footprint, and the players’ identity is not revealed. There is a wide range of games available at crypto casinos, and players can choose ones that they are interested in while transacting in crypto. However, it is advisable to check the antecedents of the casinos first before opening an account.

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