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2020’s Must-knows Before Investing and Trading in Bitcoin

by Roy Hicks
Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing and Trading in Bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have attracted a lot of interest in the past years. Due to the financial crisis of 2008 in the traditional financial sector, millennials and young investors are especially interested in trying a new financial revolution called the cryptocurrency.

But running away from the shortcomings of the traditional financial system should not be the sole reason for investing and trading in Bitcoin. The investment legend- Warren Buffett puts it in the best way when he says: “Never Invest In Something You Don’t Understand.” Following the golden advice, in this article, we will walk you through the key things that you should know before you invest your hard-earned money in Bitcoin trading and investment.

  • Focus on market capitalization:

Commonly the new investors and traders get super allured by the coin price when it comes to Bitcoin trading and investment. The fact is that the crypto value is validated upon consideration of the current market circulating supply. The sell demand for a crypto increase as the crypto progresses towards the market cap. Therefore, before buying BTC, look out at the percentage of the total market cap that you are about to buy.

  • Research before you begin:

A strong foundation assures a strong building. In the same way for storming the volatile nature of the crypto world, a new trader and a new investor must have a sound knowledge about the basics of buying and selling Bitcoin. In such matters, thorough research helps you to understand the in and out of the crypto industry. Check out the leading crypto exchanges’ reviews, interviews, market predictions, expert analysis, and so on, to get a realistic grip on the fundamentals, flow of the market, and the tendency of the cryptocurrency.

  • Learn ways to safeguard your Bitcoin:

This point is a vital element when you are considering investing and trading in Bitcoin. You may meet hackers, theft, scammers, and other kinds of attacks in regard to your Bitcoin if you don’t learn the right ways to safeguard it. Exploring the secure platforms, exchanges, the right kind of crypto wallet (cold wallets, hot wallets, a desktop wallet, a cloud wallet, etc.) that suits your needs, etc.; all come under safeguarding your crypto.

  • Learn to diversify your crypto investment portfolio:

Putting all your money in one pot is an invitation to shocking results. Therefore, diversifying your portfolio is a smart way to steer clear from any possible risks in investing in only BTC portfolio, as it becomes your very own risk management strategy. This way you can reap good benefits from the up and coming altcoins that may land you some extra profits too.

  • What is your profit target?

Yes, we all trade and invest for profit. But many times, especially the new investors and traders tend to have obfuscated ideas about profit. Having a clear goal not only brings clarity in action but also gives you real motivation behind how much and where a fine-tuning is required.

Bitcoin can be a highly volatile crypto. Only passion for trading won’t take you far. Instead,  level-headedness will take you far. Having a clear profit idea helps you to know when to sell and when to let go of your investment when in a bad position. It helps you to have a clear view of the exit point for profits and the stop-loss points. This approach also minimizes losses. If you want to make a profit from Bitcoin. Bitcoin Trader is one such automated trading platform which can lead to earn a good amount of profit form Bitcoin. To know more about, Check Bitcoin Trader Review.

  • In the ultra-active crypto land, you may feel left out:

Yes, FOMO (fear of missing out) is real. The super active crypto land, which never sleeps, can drive you crazy if you are not well in tune with your trading and investing requirements, your own budgets, your own resource levels, etc. Self-assurance can guide you to invest in low and reap in high price movements, instead of irrationally buying in high price tide. A right mindset knows that catching all the high tides is not feasible and therefore, emptying yourself in anxiety doesn’t make sense, and is rather exhausting in the long run. Having clarity helps you decide clear stops and setting clear targets.


Remember, a steady hand can make better decisions. We take this saying a little further by adding that an aware mind makes good decisions. So, our advice in a nut-shell for you would be- research thoroughly about the arena you are about to step in. Resist the temptation to invest quickly. Rather, gain confidence, experience, wisdom, and then dive in fully. Excitement may make you win a few times, but a realistic, well-informed approach will bring you victory every time.

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