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How to Become a Forex Trader?

by Michael Rhoades
Become a Successful Forex Trader


Becoming a successful forex trader means living the excitement, risks, and reward of Forex trading in the most liquid and largest market of the world. Forex trading is exciting, educational, accessible, and offers many opportunities to the traders. Still, many people fail to become a successful trader and do not attain profitable results in the Forex market. Moreover, many of them wind up losing more than what they made. Learning how to trade in the FX market can be hard and isn’t something that you’ll learn in just a single day.

With this article, we will teach you to become a successful Forex trader. It will also tell how you can trade in the forex market with low risks and will offer some more useful information for the newbies.

What is a trader?

The person who places orders in the financial market is known as a trader. The trader can place orders as an independent entity or on behalf of large financial institutions like large banks, hedge funds, and investment funds. Buying and selling can either be done in the trader’s name or the broker or financial institution that employs them.

Tips for forex trading

  • Handle Your Expectations: Being a new trader, you may sometimes get overwhelmed with the profits, resulting in problems. Your anxiety can mislead your judgments and results in mistakes that can cause losses. So, stay away from any unrealistic goals.
  • Define Your Risk Profile: You should ensure to get a complete understanding of the basic market aspects before you make any commitment. Read traders’ testimonials, research the currency pairs and markets, and access the available capital. If you think Forex is a good investment, only then invest your precious money in the Forex market.

Also, keep the following in your mind:

  • Select a risk profile from moderate, conservative, and aggressive.
  • Diversify your investment. Don’t invest over 20% of the total investment capital in one market.
  • Don’t invest more than what you can lose.
  • Select A Trading Strategy: After you have decided to become a Forex trader, you now need to make a trading strategy. At times, you will find that a specific strategy works for a particular currency pair in one market, while another one is better for that pair in another market. So, to become a profitable trader, focus on devising a trading strategy considering your risk profile. Study trading techniques, research tools, and think about how you can apply them in your trading strategy.
  • Control Emotions: For those who wish to be a successful Forex trader, emotions are their worst enemies. To become successful in the FX market, you should know the market mechanics, rely on your study, and follow your trading strategy. While trading, ensure that you are quite clear with everything and you make rational and well-informed decisions.
  • Use Take Profit and Stop Loss: Regardless of your trading strategy and style, ensure to set up a stop loss while placing trades. Both the take profit and stop loss lets you set predetermined closing prices of the trades. A trade will automatically close when the price reaches that point.
  • Create a Trading Plan: Having a strict trading plan in place will over most trading activities. It will also help reduce risks from unexpected movements in the market.
  • Don’t overtrade: Overtrading is generally due to witnessing lots of opportunities to earn money even if there aren’t any. Traders who want to become profitable quickly search for as many chances as possible to attain their objective and may mislead themselves into putting money at risk.
  • Select the Best Broker: Selecting the best broker is also very essential for becoming successful. If you’re concerned about the Forex broker’s reputation or financial security, you won’t be able to focus on trading. However, if you have full confidence in your Forex broker, you won’t have any mental stress and will be able to give more attention and time to market study and creating strategies.

How to trade with low risk?

Money management can help you succeed in any marketplace. It is especially true in the highly volatile Forex market. You must restrict your downsides by using stop loss always and make trades only when the indicators point towards good trading opportunities. Below are some specific ways using which you can trade with low risk: 

  • Put stop-loss at the nearest resistance level as it can lead to forfeited gain. 
  • Increase the indicators you use. It may lead to lesser opportunities. 
  • Use a trailing stop loss to lock your profits and restrict losses if a trade turns favorable. It can lead to forfeited gains. 

How long does it take to become a forex trader? 

There is no specific answer to this question. It depends on your abilities and the decision that you make in the way. So, whether you use your strategies or someone else’s, you may probably take six months to one year until you build consistency to begin getting recurring monthly profit. It is also assuming that you practice Forex trading daily for many hours and that too methodically. Still, for many, it may take longer than that. 

How much can a beginner forex trader make? 

It is hard to predict how much money a beginner trader can make in this volatile market. However, the more you invest, the more you can make. But since the Forex market is highly volatile, it comes with risks as well. Trading in the Forex market successfully can be a long-time endeavor. It may take many years to become profitable consistently.


The Forex market offers you the chance to find different trading opportunities on your schedule 24 hours a day. Moreover, the initial capital is pretty low and can help you decide how much leverage or exposure you wish for on trade. It offers additional flexibility to you. Even new traders can earn money by trading in the FX market; however, it needs patience and practicing well-defined strategies. Hence, you should approach the market with a meticulous and medium-level strategy to avoid huge risks. Click here to get more about Best Trading & Forex Signal Providers which also guide you by sending tips on buying a trade or not.

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